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Narratives  a gastronomic anthology

There’s always a story behind the story

"You cannot understand food by looking at a dish, or a recipe. You must try to capture the heart of people who create."

Jeff Scott, Notes From A Kitchen

I like stories.

From a young age and throughout my schooling, it was the what, why and hows that fascinated me. Naturally, I gravitated towards science, even going on to spend years trying to obtain my doctorate in the field, thinking that it would be the best way to learn about the world around me. It was, to me, the ideal way I could quantitatively understand what made things tick. (That, and the fact that any potential findings had the potential to help people, and contribute to their wellbeing.)

I like telling stories.

There are fewer greater honours than to be able to share someone’s narrative. In school, had the chance to take storytelling to the provincial level, entertaining audiences with my interpretations of published prose. I never considered that one day I would be a part of the story writing process.

Through great new opportunities and the incredible support of family, friends, and fantastic editors, I was able to channel my curiosity into interviews with those who have helped make the world a more delicious place. Some who have been highly influential in the field, some who have made an impact in how people eat, and others who are change making food warriors. It was less the ability to get their story out there, and more to understand just how they work. How their unique outlooks or perspective has helped make the world a better place to be. How their commitment, perseverance, and often sacrifice can motivate people – myself included – to strive for or be more than we considered possible.

I like sharing stories.

It’s some of these great conversations, long talks, and/or inspiring messages or challenges, that I hope to share within the virtual pages of this blog. There will be new posts tucked amongst unpublished archived write ups. Topics will range from light and fun, to heavy and thought provoking. Most of the posts will feature unabridged interviews, Q&As, notable quotes, inspiring dishes, candid moments, or signature identifiers. Many will feature exclusive content found only in this blog. (Check out the Narratives Exclusives column for the tickerlist.) Some pieces will be annotated, others abbreviated; but all will feature someone who is doing awesome things in our community.

It's going to be a journey guided by some of the wisest and best from near and afar.

Welcome to Narratives.


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