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Code of Ethics & Copyright


Here's the legal stuff you're agreeing to follow and be bound by when visiting this site.

Code of Ethics

This website, including the blog, follows The Canadian Association of Journalists guidelines. Content present adheres to the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and accountability. Any conflicts of interest will be disclosed. Any contributions from another person will be attributed.


Unauthorized use of materials found on this website that's repurposed for another outlet (print, broadcast or online) – doesn’t matter if it’s for professional or amateur, public or personal purposes – is considered plagiarism. Please don’t do it. 


Comments and discussions are encouraged. However, a code of conduct will also be enforced. Any libel claims will not be tolerated and will be promptly removed. 



All photography taken and displayed on this website and affiliated outlets are protected strictly by Creative Commons license "all rights reserved."


That means that under the law, I retain ownership of the creative content and under no circumstances can the material be used, downloaded, shared without credit, altered or tweaked, used commercially or non-commercially without first obtaining permission from the license holder (that would be me). The present content is not open source. Please reach out to me if there is any material you would like to use. I am reasonable with requests (all you have to do is ask), but I don't appreciate theft. 


For more about Creative Commons, please visit this site.

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