Books & Guides

From paper bound and mobile apps, guide books to cookbooks, these are the titles I've had the pleasure of contributing content or original recipes to. 

Inspired Cooking
Brijbassi, A. (Ed.) Fresh Air Publishing, 2016.

Recipe Editor
Contributor: Content and Photography
To Japan With Love
Heiter, C. (Ed.) Things Asian Press, 2009.

Contribution: exerpts on bakeries, kaiseki cuisine, food halls, and street snacks in Tokyo
Little Treats
Foulsham (Ed.). Little Treats: Whoopie Pies, Florentines, Fudgelicious, Gooey Chocolate Cakes, Sticky Toffee. Foulsham & Co Ltd, 2011.

Contribution: sticky toffee puddings section, developed recipe and photograph
Opinionated About US Restaurants
Plotnicki, S. Opinionated About U.S. Restaurants 2011. SJP Media LLC, 2011.

Contribution: content and surveys
Opinionated About Fine Dining Survey
Plotnicki, S. Opinionated About Fine Dining Survey 2008 - The 100 Best Restaurant of North America & Europe. SJP Media LLC, 2008

Contribution: content and surveys
Savour Stratford Culinary Guide
Stratford Culinary Guide 2013. Stratford Tourism Alliance, 2013.

Contribution: authored the introduction
Goodness: Recipes & Stories
Neal, P. and Neal, C. Goodness: Recipes & Stories. Blakeman Books, 2015.

Contribution: photography.
Qualigeo Atlas
Mauro Rosati. Qualigeo Atlas. Atlas of european and non-european PDO, PGI, TSG agri-food products. Qualivita, 2009.

Contribution: product images, stylized food photographs created from own recipe
Pearson Canada
Marketing Textbook (TBA 2015)

Contribution: photography
Kitchens of The World
Lemieux, A. (Ed.) Kitchens of The World. The Canadian Council for the Blind, 2009.

Contribution: photography
Vacay's Top 50's Canada Top 50

Contribution: Content and survey
Video host
Represent Publication on CTV News
Chinese Restaurant Awards
Toronto-based judge

Contribution: survey
StreetEats Vancouver
Pak, M. STREETEATS Vancouver. Whitecap Books Ltd, 2014.

Contribution: photography
Toasted Cheese
A quarterly literary electronic journal
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