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Ferran Adrià (ElBulli)
Boulevard Team
Anne Yarymowich (AGO)
Quique Dacosta
Frank Parhizgar
Chef Rob Bragagnolo
The Roca Brothers
Alex Molitz (Hunt Camp)
Andoni Luis Aduriz & Javier Vergara
Bertrand Alépée (The Tempered Room)
Jesse Vergen (Saint John Ale House)
Elia Herrera (Los Colibris)
Shane Mulvany (LoPan)
Basilio Pesce and Brandon Olsen
Dale MacKay (Ayden)
Dr. Nathan Myhrvold
Lauren Marshall (enVie)
Jesse Vallins
Mark Cutrara (Hawthorne)
Wok 'n' Roll
Susur Lee (Lee & Lee Lounge)
Rocco Agostino (Pizzeria Libretto)
Chris Jang (Linda Modern Thai)
YJ Bae (Los Colibris)
Vikram Vij (Vij's)
Patrick Kriss
Zane Caplansky (Caplansky's Deli)
Jay Carter
Marc Thuet and Biana Zorich
Team Richmond Station
Tobey Nemeth with Jamie Kennedy
Victor Barry (Splendido)
Christina Tosi (Momofuku Milk Bar)
Toronto Taste Chef Challenge 2014
Victor Arguinzoniz
Oliver Glowig
Patrick Kriss (Alo)
Marc Thuet with Victor Barry
Basilio Pesce (Porzia)
Ferran Adrià (ElBulli)
Susur Lee (Luckee)
Juan Mari Arzak
Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz)
Todd Perrin (Mallard Cottage)
Men of the Hour
Sean Brock (McCrady's, Husk)


"The chef and the dancer share a same ideal: movement and creativity, a quest for the perfect movement and technical excellence in their passion for their art." 

― Paul Bocuse, on the spirit of the Bocuse d'Or

Some of the wonderful people I've met who embody this spirit and love of the craft.

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