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Berlin: Now’s the Time to Visit Germany’s Capital of Cool (2014, November)


Upscale Downscale Foods (2014, November)


The Book for Men

Flavour of the Month. How to… eat Ants (2014, Fall/Winter)

  • Interviewed Alex Atala, DOM for the feature


What to Drink Now (2014, July)

  • Responsible for the chosen list of top bars across Canada featuring Bombay Sapphire


The Best New Restaurants in Canada (online) (2013, November)

  • Contributed to list for Toronto and Vancouver; images for restaurants in Toronto


The Best New Restaurants in Canada (2013, November)

  • Responsible for Toronto and Vancouver picks


Flavour of the Month: Pomelo (2013, September)

  • Featuring a recipe by Johnny Poon, Chantecler, Toronto 


Eat Like a Chef (2013, April)


Entertain like a Chef: Roast Chicken (recipe and tips) (2012, September)

  • Developed recipe and cook's tips


Entertain like a Chef: Tacos (2012, June)

  • Developed three recipes


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