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How the Hamburger Became the World’s Favourite Sandwich (July 2023) 

My third story for Reader's Digest Art of Living column focuses on an iconic food, hamburgers. Some say it started in Hamburg but there is evidence it existed - at least a form of it - before that, plus other contested "firsts" included in the feature.

The Scoop on Gelato: This Italian export has won fans all over the world (June 2023) pp 21-23

  • The second story for Reader's Digest Art of Living column puts a spotlight on gelato and how its origin really isn't in Italy - although much of its supposed innovation is, nor where it gained mass popularity. There's even a Toronto mention. 

A Mexican Beauty: The taco is stewed in history (May 2023) pp 21-23

  • The debut of the Food Passport series in Art of Living Food, Facts & Fun launched in the publication. The assignment involved examining the past, present and quirky factoids related to the taco. 

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