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Hop to it: Explore Australia's answer to the Galapagos from the glamorous Southern Ocean Lodge (2019, June 08)

  • In which I get to wax poetic about the incredible Southern Ocean Lodge in South Australia. Kangaroo Island is an incredible sanctuary and this property is beyond stunning. (Disclosure: I was hosted by the property who didn't review the write up)

A Splendido run: Chef Victor Barry closing Toronto fine-dining institution (2015, October 27)

  • Chef Victor Barry shares his reasons for closing one of the country's top fine-dining restaurants at its peak in this intimate and exclusive Q&A. (Disclosure: I've known Barry since 2011.)     


Just desserts: Toronto pastry chefs and confectioners taking the city by storm  (2015, August 8)

  • An exploration of Toronto's developing dessert scene, but also an explanation of the cultural phenomenon. Features interviews and profiles of emerging pastry chefs, confectioners and industry experts. 


Cold-brew coffee catching on as soda continues to fizzle out

(2015, June 23)

  • A look into the alternative beverage industry and how natural brews such as cold brew coffee are filling the void resulting from the slipping interest in carbonates. Four businesses were interviewed for the piece, and research into the national market was explored.   


Canadian Chefs want industry to loosen seafood regulations (2015, June 9)

  • A follow up to Terroir 2015's Culinary Mission to St. John's and Chefs for Oceans meeting in Toronto. The article looks at the joint frustrations faced by Canadian chefs and fishermen that are restricted from direct sourcing because of relatively restrictive provincial policies. 


Beyond maple syrup: Chefs embrace unconventional Canadian ingredients (2015, April 21)

  • Profile of five chefs and restaurants who are looking into their regions 'pasts for inspiration in creating their own narrative.


The hottest thing in Southern cooking? Heritage (2014, December 3)

  • A profile/Q&A article featuring multiple award-winning Sean Brock, chef/owner of US’s McCrady’s, Husk, and Minero

  • Photography credit


The five things you must eat at Night It Up! (2014, July 12)

  • A fun write up highlighting five must-try treats at the annual event, including a side column featuring 10 other noteworthy tastes.

  • Photography credit


Nuttall-Smith, C. Guess who’s not coming to dinner: Why Canada’s influential Terroir talks needs to diversify (2014, May 9)

  • Photography credit


Take a closer look at the food and restaurants at Pearson International Airport (2014, March 7)

  • Gallery featuring six photographs and captions to accompany C. Nuttall-Smith’s airport dining feature


Nuttall-Smith, C. Airport dining goes upscale: An eater’s guide to Pearson’s restaurant boom (2014, March 7)

  • Photography credit


Nuttall-Smith, C. The 10 best new restaurants in Toronto in 2013 (2013, December 13)


Nuttall-Smith, C. Finally: A relaxed, welcoming izakaya and yakitori joint in Toronto (2013, November 29)

  • Photography credit


Chef’s Picks: Matt Kantor (2011, November 19)

  • Photography credit

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