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11 Kitchen Storage Solutions To Maximize Your Space (2024, April 4)

  • I explore functional solutions that help maximize kitchen and pantry storage space.

Everything You Need To Know About Buying Olive Oil (2023, February 14)

  • For Chatelaine I was asked to follow up the print feature on the extra virgin olives to dip, drizzle and more. Here, I got to speak with Fil Bucchino, a true olive oil expert on the 101 of this celebrated product.

6 Products, Flavours and Cuisines That Will Influence Food Culture in 2023 (2023, January 11)

  • I write a round up of six food trends, large and small, that are influencing how we eat this year.

The Very Best Olive Oils For Cooking, Dipping And Drizzling (2022, November 8)

  • A very nice "my editor made me do it" assignment where I had the chance of tasting my way through some premium, all excellent extra virgin olive oils to choose my 10 favourites.   

The Best Canadian Hot Sauces To Try This Summer ​(2022, July 11)

  • In one of those "my editor made me do it." Hot sauces have the magical ability to make any dish more alive—and homegrown brands are truly bringing the heat. I tried more than 120 lip-tingling, made-in-Canada sauces; here are 15 of my favourites. 

I Tried All The Plant-Based ‘Chicken’ Items From 5 Fast-Food Chains. Here’s What I Learned ​(2022, February 11)

  • In one of those "my editor made me do it" but I was a willing guinea pig sort of situations. I live to tell the tale. 

20 Great Canadian Chocolate Stores That Ship (2022, January 24)

  • An updated guide focused on some of the country's best artisanal chocolate shops that ship.

25 Fantastic Gifts For The Food Lovers In Your Life (2021, November 24)

  • Reinvigorate your favourite people’s pantries with flavourful bites and novel kitchen tools

What's The Perfect Variety Of Tomato? We Asked 3 Experts (2021, September 14)

  • I ask three food experts who know a good tomato when they see one to dish on their favourite varieties.

Why Are There Suddenly Mushrooms In Everything? (2021, June 10)

  • An exploration into the wild world of mushrooms - functional mushrooms that is - or rather three notable fungi that have popped up all over the place in the past while despite having a deep history of traditional use. (Also published in the May/June 2021 issue)

What’s The Best Way To Order Takeout Food? From DoorDash To Uber Eats, We Break Down The Options (2021, June 10)

  • A deep dive looking into the major third party delivery apps (and alternatives) in Canada, plus insider tips on how to best support local independent restaurants. 

Everything You Need To Know About Green Garlic (2021, March 10)

  • An explainer on how to store, prep and make best use of the spring time ingredient.

I Tried The Feta Pasta Recipe Social Media Went Nuts For (2021, February 17)

  • A fun assignment exploring all that's behind this viral TikTok recipe.

18 Great Canadian Chocolate Stores That Ship (2021, February 8)

  • A guide focused on some of the best artisanal chocolates from across the country.

8 Great Food Gift Boxes That Showcase Local Canadian Foods (2020, November 30)

  • A gift guide focused on (holiday) food gift boxes that are regionally focused.

25 Fantastic Gifts For The Food Lovers In Your Life​ (2020, November 16)

  • A gift guide filled with personal picks of delicious gourmet treats, pantry staples, kitchen gadgets and tools that’ll spark epicurean joy.

3 Healthy—And Addictive—Snack Alternatives To The Potato Chip (2020, August 20)

  • A profile look at three sustainable South and East Asian snacks that deliver nutritious value with each crisp and flavourful bite.

This Delicious New Type Of Rice Will Be The Next Big Super Grain (2018, June 11)

  • Nutrient-dense riceberry is delicious, easy to cook and perfect for stir-fries, curries or any rice-based salad.

  • Feature and photographs.


15 to-die-for bakeries across Canada (2017, August 14)

  • From a multi-layer crepe cake to croissants bigger than a plate, these Canadian bakeries are must-visit destinations.


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