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Why You Should Visit Atlantic Canada Now (2020, Feb 19)

  • Pack your bags and fill up that gas tank, these are the reasons why the East Coast of Canada is a haven for nature lovers and light adventurers. 

The Essential Guide to Nova Scotia (2020, Feb 19)

  • Where to go and why, essentially all - or at least the top 10 - of the good stuff when you visit Nova Scotia.

A Guide to Nova Scotia’s Secret Food and Wine Paradise (2016, Feb 9)

  • Canada's hidden foodie destination: Wolfville, Nova Scotia and the surrounding region.

  • Feature and photographs with much love for Devour! The Food Film Fest and the wines from the Annapolis Valley.


Five Lesser-Known Treasures to Visit in Canada (2015, Nov 12)

  • Stargaze in the middle of a desert, dig for clams, or dine well without breaking the bank in Canada.

  • Feature and photographs about five incredible experiences within the Canadian border. 


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