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The Best Olive Oils (Nov/Dec 2022) pp 16-17

  • I tested and dipped my way through 40 top-rated extra virgin olive oils to deem 10 liquid gold pics. 

The Best Hot Sauces (July/Aug 2022) pp 14-15

  • Hot sauces have the magical ability to make any dish more alive—and homegrown brands are truly bringing the heat. I tried more than 120 lip-tingling, made-in-Canada sauces; here are 15 of my favourites

What's The Perfect Variety Of Tomato? We Asked 3 Experts (Sept/Oct 2021) 

  • We asked three food experts who know a good tomato when they see one to dish on their favourite varieties.

Why are there suddenly mushrooms in everything? (May/June 2021) pp 40-41

  • From caterpillar fungus to chaga, mushrooms are dominating shelves in the supplement aisle. The claim is that they boost energy, immunity and calmness. But do they deliver?

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